Carbon 60… The Future Carrier Oil For CBD?
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CBD Facts

Carbon 60 (C60) Fullerene is a molecule consisting of 60 atoms of carbon, in a spherical, cage-like shape. The molecule is also known as buckminsterfullerene or Buckyballs!
C60 naturally occurs in soot or ash, it is…

● Chemically inert
● Physically inactive
● Insoluble in water.

But it’s the interesting properties and structure that have led to all the fanfare around it. Thanks to the perfectly symmetrical structure of C60, it attracts unstable compounds such as the free radicals in the body. This makes it a highly powerful antioxidant.

From molecule to oil
As C60 is insoluble in water, it needs to be dissolved in oil in order to be useful to humans.
Olive oil is a common choice, while avocado oil is also gaining popularity. C60 Olive Oil can be ingested orally and offers immense benefits.

“Carbon 60 (C60) oil is not a new discovery, but it is a groundbreaking one especially in light of the emerging CBD INDUSTRY.”

Its properties have been continually discovered and refined through testing. As a substance that many scientists suggest can potentially positively affect your life and provide a plethora of other allied attributes, the curiosity that surrounds it is hardly surprising.

The C60 molecule was first discovered in 1985, and the researchers who made this discovery were awarded the Nobel Prize. You dont receive the Nobel prize by just discovering anything! Its since been used for various industrial purposes such as a polymer additive, for hydrogen storage, and as a lubricant. However, the potentials of C60 were not revealed until a study was conducted on mice in 2011.

The study found that rats who were given C60 oil regularly, showed an almost 90% increase in their lifespans, compared to the control mice in the experiment. The study also showed that not only is C60 the least toxic substance for humans, its also anti-toxicMoreover, as an anti-oxidative agent, its also highly efficient at undoing the oxidative damage in the body and delay the onset of ageing and all that it brings with it.

“Humans have been on the search for the mythical elixir of life’ since the beginning of time. And with the discovery of C60, we just might be closer to it than we think.” 

How C60 works.
The main power of C60 oil is in its anti-oxidative nature. Carbon clears up the free radicals in the body that are responsible for all the age-related problems.
These free radicals can gain entry to your body from various sources such as pollution, the food we eat, and chemicals in pesticides and cigarettes, etc – to name a few.
While it’s next to impossible to prevent free radicals from entering our bodies, with C60 it’s possible to eliminate them before they cause any damage.

C60 attracts carbon-based terpene compounds in any hemp extract. C60 has the ability to slow release for over 72 hours. Making it a great companion to our purified
Carmagnola European Hemp Distillate.





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