7 different ways to take CBD oil daily

CBD is becoming a popular addition to people’s self care routine, which is great considering it was almost unheard of about a decade ago. With no thanks to the negative portrayal of cannabis over the last century, understanding CBD and the cannabis plant in general has not been a priority for researchers. So naturally, there is a lot of confusion about what CBD is, what it does, if it is legal, and how it can help your lifestyle.

Gone are the days of negative connotations surrounding cannabis. The USA is decriminalising the plant in many states, Spain has relaxed its laws, and Israel is doing the same. Go back 50 years and cannabis was branded as the “devils lettuce”, and if found in possession of the plant, you could face an entire lifetime in prison in most countries.

The more laws relax the more we can research the hemp plant, the more understanding we have of the 100+ cannabinoids within, and the more we can use this amazing plant to our advantage!

During the next few minutes, we will explore the different ways of consuming CBD and discuss the benefits of each one:

Sublingual – Fancy terminology for “applied under the tongue”

This way usually involves CBD tincture, which is basically an oil, flavoured or unflavoured with a pipette in the bottle so you can easily apply a few drops under the tongue.
It’s easy and quick, and isn’t very difficult to find in the high street or online.
We do have a few tips though; Go for the flavoured stuff. Unflavoured hemp oil doesn’t exactly have the most appeasing of tastes for some people. It can often taste very earthy. This is known by producers, so they often come flavoured, to the point you can’t even taste anything plant like. You can get all kinds of flavours, but fruits are often the best.

Another tip would be to drop them under your tongue while standing in front of a mirror. It can be difficult to feel exactly how many drops you receive, so getting close to a mirror can ensure consistent dosing, which you can adjust to your own requirements.

Pre made CBD edibles and drinks

Like with any product; If demand grows, so does choice.
Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of food and drink products that contain CBD. “Space cake” and “hash brownies” have been eaten by cannabis users for years, but these are usually purchased in a cannabis coffeeshop in Amsterdam and will likely contain THC (the psychoactive element of cannabis) so will more than likely get you high.

Since the CBD explosion, CBD gummies and candies have become very popular, giving buyers a delicious treat with which they can incorporate CBD with their lifestyle. No drops, no oils, just candy! But now, manufacturers have been adding the non psychoactive isolated cannabinoid in protein shakes, sodas and wine. Also chocolate, cookies and even your main meals! There are high end restaurants that create jaw dropping menus incorporating CBD in dishes that have been carefully thought out and delivered to your table like artwork on a plate.
In the right kind of shops, you have a huge choice of CBD infused drinks, ranging from fruit juices to alcoholic cocktails.
It’s never been easier to consume CBD!

CBD Capsules

If you value convenience and time, you may prefer getting your daily dose of CBD oil with easy to swallow CBD oil capsules. These capsules can be quickly washed down with just a swig of water. When you take CBD oil capsules, you don’t have to worry about calculating how much CBD oil to take each day, like with the CBD drops and tinctures. A regular and consistent dose of CBD will kick your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) into gear. On the topic of the ECS, all living beings have receptors waiting for cannabis, most in our organs, skin and eyes.

Studies suggest that once a cannabinoid is introduced to this system, it will use them to activate actions that our body simply adores, like kick starting the anti inflammatory process, decreasing stress to organs and lowering blood sugar levels. So, it makes sense to introduce it to your own system at some point.

CBD capsules come in a range of strengths, anything from 10mg to 250mg, and of course the stronger they are, the higher the price tag.

Inhalation – Vaporising CBD e-liquid

Vaporising is probably the best way to inhale CBD. Although there are concerns about the effects of vapour on our lungs, it is a lot safer when compared to smoking cannabis flowers or hash.
As the CBD is usually isolated, it can be added to e-liquid and vaped. But e-liquid manufacturers have been adding terpenes to their CBD e-liquid too. Terpenes are what give any plant its smell and taste. As an example; citrus fruit trees produce limonene, which is what our taste buds taste and our noses smell the sweet notes of citrus fruits. The terpene is actually there as a defence mechanism for the plant. Limonene can repel certain pests, and also attract insects that aren’t a threat, but ones that eat the pests that are attracted to citrus smelling plants.

Producers analyse the terpene profile in cannabis strains, and then extract them from other plants, like oranges, lavender and cinnamon to name just a few. The terpenes are then mixed with the CBD e-liquid to create a flavour profile similar to popular strains of cannabis.

CBD skin cream

Your skin will love the nourishing effects of CBD cream. The cannabinoid has anti inflammatory properties, so it can lessen redness and swelling from breakouts while it soothes and hydrates thanks to its skin nourishing fatty acids

Adding CBD to food or drink yourself

A lot like the pre-made food and drinks that contain CBD which we mentioned earlier, but instead you add the isolated CBD to any food or drink of your choice. But remember to work out how much you are adding, you don’t want to be wasteful!

Bath bombs

These are very similar to CBD skin cream, but instead encompass your entire body, giving the CBD receptors what they want through in every available inch of skin. It can help improve the overall health of your skin and ease tired and stiff muscles. The fact that most people spend a while in the bath allows the CBD to be soaked up through the skin efficiency.

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