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For quality assurance, all of our products are third party lab tested. We are happy to provide our valued customers  with lab reports and quality assurance documents.
All of our extracts are extracted from Heirloom organic Hemp. Our strains are some of the most terpene rich and chemically complex plants in the world. We believe this benefits the end consumer the most.

CBD Distillate: THC FREE

Containing 0% THC our CBD Distillate is produced using a ten-step ethanol extraction process. Filtering out naturally occurring chlorophyll and plant waxes, we precipitate the cannabidiol using a hydrocarbon, leaving only a 99+% pure CBD compound. CBD Distillate is cannabidiol in its purest form. 

Containing 0% THC, our CBD Distillate is the perfect concentrate. Containing up to 99+% pure cannabidiol, it is ideal for maximum accuracy in dosing formulas, product manufacture and isolated compound use. Accuracy in CBD-primary dosages is improved with distillate application because our CBD Distillate contains nearly 100% cannabidiol, intake amounts and dosages can be more effectively measured. The high concentration of cannabidiol and minimal presence of trace substitutes make it indispensable for engineering accurate CBD ratios.

A 99+% pure CBD compound is achieved by one of the industry’s most organic extraction methods. The result is a clean product with minimal additives. Our CBD Distillate is refined by heat, vaporising the compound and filtering for unwanted minor cannabinoids and plant waxes – creating the purest cannabidiol on the market.

Whole Plant Extract: Full Spectrum CBD

With a plethora of health benefits. Our Full Spectrum CBD is a composite of up to 20 amino acids, natural terpenes, and Vitamins A, C and E. Also containing cannabinoids CBD, CBN and CBG, our bulk Full Spectrum CBD is refined using Supercritical CO2 extraction, the top refinement method in the industry.

CBD-rich and certified pharmaceutical grade. This is ideal for consumers wanting the full phytocannabinoid benefit range, combining multiple cannabinoids for maximum compound synergy and the entourage effect.